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Delicate: #20 The Road Home

#20 The Road Home
Waking The Dead//Frankie/Boyd//For 30kisses

For her first month in Cold Case, Frankie could never wait to get home - if only to get away from THEM: the obnoxious male DC constantly shouting her down; the ridiculously subjective Superintendent with no understanding of delicate nature of her work. The young DC so desperate to get it right – to make her impression – that she pushed and pushed for answers Frankie just couldn't give. Never had she been forced to work with such an abrasive, ignorant set of people before and never had she been so close to quitting.

But when the first case was closed and their second underway, she began to see the light at the end of the long tunnel of her career. After the initial adjustment period, the six vastly different people finally smoothed each others rougher edges and began to fit together. They changed, she changed, and they were no longer trying to constantly out do each other: be the one to make the difference, make the breakthrough.

And over the years she found their respective pieces fitting better and better as bonds of friendship bound tight around the jagged edges though they still chaffed occasionally. Mel still fought hard to be a key part of the team and not let the inferiority of her rank affect her role and contribution. Spence still occasionally threw his weight around, unable to keep his emotions constantly in check. And Boyd - well Boyd still exploded from time to time, still expected her to be quicker, more reliable, to give more than she could but even he had mellowed.

But her work was her passion once again. She enjoyed the command of her lab, and the companionship of her colleagues. And, more and more, she found herself staying late: running extra tests hours after her official end of day; tidying up edges of evidence she compiled; pushing the boundaries of what she could offer the team come morning briefing.

And she tells herself that it's because she wants to help, to give them the best she can, but in her heart she knows it's because this is where she's happiest.